Five Fab Finds for £30
  • Need an outfit for a special event but don’t have time to look?
  • Seen a designer dress you love and want a cheaper alternative?
  • Want the perfect trousers for work but can’t find them?
  • Need a pair of party shoes that don’t have a killer heel?
Whatever it is you can’t find, I’ll discover exactly what you need and within your budget.
How it works:
You email me :

  • Details of the item you are looking for
  • For example, a casual summer dress with short sleeves
  • Your budget and a few sizing details
  • Within 2-3 days I’ll email you my fab finds of the item(s) you are looking for

VIP service: If you hate shopping or simply don’t have the time, then I can bring the items round for you, we can try them on together and I’ll return the items you don’t want.

Prices available upon request.